Friday’s Video Views

News Certified?Over the years, I’ve seen countless efforts to bridge the respective, yet often symbiotic needs of PR peeps and journalists. Journalists seek independent expertise during the reporting process, while PR people can be a reasonable source for such expertise. Rare is the platform that succeeds in pulling journalists to a site for this qualified…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Ads Worth SpreadingBeet.TV founder Andy Plesser takes time with TED Talks founder Chris Anderson to talk about the lack of creativity in today’s online video advertising, and his Ads Worth Spreading contest.(Astro) Turf WarsHere’s a clip from the new film “(Astro) Turf Wars: How Corporate America Faked a Grassroots Revolution” in which billionaire David Koch…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Newser Snoozer

A while back, I wrote about the virtues of my home page: The site drew its content from all sorts of credible journalistic enterprises, mixed in with original reporting and lots of video, and had the wherewithal to continually update the page throughout the day.Isn’t that the Utopian news model that Jon Landman described…… Continue reading Newser Snoozer

YouTube Killers

Who hasn’t come to the conclusion that digital video – whether delivered to your desktop, laptop, PDA or cell phone — is entering a Renaissance? Was it that proclamation from NBCUni’s digital honcho Beth Comstock who, as a former communications pro, inspires PR types everywhere: “Video has been liberated” [from the TV set]. I had…… Continue reading YouTube Killers

The Beet on Joost

My friend and sometimes collaborator Andy Plesser recently caught up with Liz Gannes, the editor of Om Malik’s increasingly influential spinoff site NewTeeVee.Could it be that NewTeeVee has usurped TVNewser now that Brian Stelter graduated college and moved on to The Times as a media reporter? Not so fast, says Laurel, whose Jupiter-infused mediabistro recently…… Continue reading The Beet on Joost

The Beet on AP’s Video Dreams

Did anyone notice the video post on Beet.TV yesterday? If you didn’t, take a look. My buddy Andy Plesser, whose Walter Mittyesque existence waivers between PR man and vlogging crusader, caught up with The AP’s head of global broadcast strategy Jim Kathman.Kathman (exclusively) outlined the partnership between the world’s largest news organization and Microsoft in…… Continue reading The Beet on AP’s Video Dreams