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News Certified?

Over the years, I’ve seen countless efforts to bridge the respective, yet often symbiotic needs of PR peeps and journalists. Journalists seek independent expertise during the reporting process, while PR people can be a reasonable source for such expertise. Rare is the platform that succeeds in pulling journalists to a site for this qualified content or expertise. Crowd-sourced models like ProfNet and HARO come to mind.

Yet, as much as I want to, I’ve never been bullish on platforms that post PR-generated media assets e.g., experts, video, stills, graphics, text) and expect journalists to pay a visit.  The NewsMarket comes to mind, and more recently Flacklist, an idea from soon-to-depart CNET reporter Natali Morris. Frankly, there are way too many other ways for reporters to find what they’re seeking…starting with Google.

Here’s one more example called News Certified Exchange, which was “…founded by veteran journalists, NewsCertified provides the global news media with a searchable database of credible, interview-ready experts and story ideas that are accessible 24/7.” Judging from the promo video below, I’ll continue to reserve judgement.

Experts-Final from Henry Diller on Vimeo.

Journalists & Facebook

As was evident from my series of posts from SxSW last month, the conference was so overwhelming that it was simply impossible to drink all the nurturing nectar it had to offer. One panel I missed featured a chat on how journalists can use Facebook to engage audiences with NPR’s Andy Carvin, the Wall Street Journal’s Zach Seward and CNET’s Caroline McCarthy. (HT Lost Remote)

Watch live streaming video from facebookguests at

The Times’s Corporate Embed Plan

As Beet.TV celebrated its 5th birthday this week, founder Andy Plesser posted a clip with The New York Times’s digital editor Len Apcar, someone whom this blogger helped Andy land an interview back in the nascent days of the must-visit site for anyone in the media and comms biz. Apcar exclusively reveals that “has decided to link to corporate sites as a means to provide an extra dimension to its staff reporting.”

Talk Show: Sree & Ali

Columbia Journalism Professor and Dean of Student Affairs Sree Sreenivasan grabbed some time with CNN’s prolific Twitterer Ali Velshi at this year’s Shorty Awards. Here’s how it went down.

GMail Motion

April 1, 2011

Elaine, Make Room

As The Times’s Bill Keller turns his weekly magazine column to the topic of secrets and leaks in the reporting process, our friends over at the BusinessInsider took a different tack by posting this video clip showing a strobed Julian Assange on the dance floor of a club in Reykjavík. Shades of Elaine? Maybe this is one secret Mr. Assange should keep to himself.

Mr. Chow, Leslie Chow

Late yesterday, TheWrap posted the full trailer to “The Hangover Part II.” Some 350 people had viewed it at the time. This morning the clip was nearing 300,000 and counting. Where’s Doug?