How Social Media Drives BIG Events

For last year’s Social Media Week event in New York, I had hoped to pull together a session that looked at how big events use social media tools and channels to drive awareness, brand esteem, web traffic and attendance. Instead we produced a PCNY co-hosted event called “Socializing the News” that featured the social media…… Continue reading How Social Media Drives BIG Events

Shell-Shocking Creativity

Many marketers toiling in the new media and communications paradigm view a campaign’s virality as the holy grail measurement of success.  The bar to achieve such digital and social nirvana, however, is higher than ever given the firehose of content gushing from myriad sources. Did you know that YouTubers upload 72 hours of video every minute…… Continue reading Shell-Shocking Creativity

Friday’s Video Views

Got Milk with your Cookie?As the Wall Street Journal looks into the complex and misunderstood world of how marketers track online behavior, here’s a video about that piece of embedded computer code that enables such tracking. It features its inventor. (via @WSJ) Sir Martin While we’re on the subject of The Journal’s series on digital…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

The Newspaper, AlasHere’s one person’s sobering look at (paper) newspapers’ diminished presence in our lives. (via Nextnik’s YouTube channel)Coupon CrazyGroupon CEO Andrew Mason via TechCrunch’s Evelyn RusliSocial Talking (PR) HeadsFive dimensions of social media PR by Cohn & Wolfe’s global digital president @chadlatz: (via @odwyerpr) Sounds good. Now, I ask, whether the world he describes…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views


Who among us still doesn’t get that digital video rules when it comes to gaining pubic traction for a client’s product, service or POV? Be it HTML-5 or Flash, aren’t all the plugged-in PR/marketing trendsters touting the persuasive powers of moving images to get the job done? And who can keep track of the volume…… Continue reading PopScreen…please

Friday’s Video Views

Tooling around on the Mashable site this week, I stumbled cross a section called Mashable Battles in which the site’s sociable editors pit two digital platforms, gadgets, smartphones, whatever, against one another. The latest battle asked readers to weigh in on the perennial leader in online video, YouTube, versus the upstart Hulu. Is this a…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Vide Views features the suddenly ever-present Mark Zuckerberg, a tutorial on how to use the new FB privacy settings, a wacko PR guy, and a TV commercial from a white show ad agency that’s virally in tune with the YouTube age.The Mark Zuckerberg ShowTo start, it seems Facebook’s PR consiglieres instructed…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Digitally Queued Up

David Carr’s flashback today to Talk magazine’s over-the-top launch party a decade ago reminded me of just how far the media literati and fashion glitterati have come since then.Reflecting back, Daily Beast’s Tina Brown wryly noted, “It seems like that happened in the 18th century.”Even the fashionistas have gotten hip to the new media/marketing modality.…… Continue reading Digitally Queued Up