Advertising Gone Awry

When the media cognoscenti think about church & state, their focus typically revolves around the wall separating editorial decision-making and advertising sales. Journalistic purists at nearly every established news organization resist any influence an advertiser may try to exert over the news/feature hole.In fact, the church-state model is more than a metaphor at many media…… Continue reading Advertising Gone Awry

Innovation @NYTimes

Few industries have endured as much tumult and disruption as the purveyors of journalism. Within that space, big metro newspapers have likely suffered the greatest as readers and advertisers abandon their habitual inky relics for more digital, real-time pursuits.  Industry watcher Ken Doctor takes a sobering look at the “newsonomics” of the second half of…… Continue reading Innovation @NYTimes

Protected Tweets

During the nascent days of consumer generated media (CGM), communications pros obsessively focused on “mining the conversation” — think Dell Hell and JetBlue — and helping companies craft policies to avert the release by employees of defamatory, proprietary or material information into the burgeoning social and blogo spheres.The rise of Twitter and Facebook almost mandated that companies lay…… Continue reading Protected Tweets

Business Insiders

Business Insider EIC Henry BlodgetIn a previous post, I rattled off some of the myriad conferences one might attend for a glimpse of today’s media, tech, and marketing punditocracy. While client obligations have forced me to be more judicious in parsing where I spend my time, Business Insider’s Ignition conference, now in its third year,…… Continue reading Business Insiders

Apple Taxes & PR

Who wasn’t talking about this weekend’s New York Times expose of how America’s (and the world’s) most beloved company uses creative accounting and legal tax loopholes to avoid paying its fair share of taxes?Yes it’s true, Apple fan boys! $AAPL’s U.S. federal income tax rate was less than 10% in 2011, depriving U.S. government coffers…… Continue reading Apple Taxes & PR

Why CES Matters

Just as my Twitterstream is about to be overrun by hangover-induced tweets from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, former tech scribe for The Journal Nick Wingfield who’s now toiling for The New York Times, yesterday presented a sobering view of the last standing major consumer electronics confab on the planet.In his Times piece, “A Tech…… Continue reading Why CES Matters

That Exclusive TV Interview

Several weeks ago, a friend referred a client prospect who was embroiled in a headline-making PR imbroglio. The out-of-work man, who shall remain nameless, filed a lawsuit against a small mom & pop shop for non-delivery of services from more than a decade earlier. To make matters worse, the founder of the shop was a…… Continue reading That Exclusive TV Interview

Your Weekend Viewing

iOS MagicNot sure how he does this, but here’s an i-Opener as seen on stage at TED. Arrington AnimatedYou know you’ve arrived when you become the subject of a Taiwanese animated spoof.  As if we didn’t hear enough last week about the trials and tribulations of Arrington, Armstrong and Arianna, including a post from this…… Continue reading Your Weekend Viewing

Digitally Queued Up

David Carr’s flashback today to Talk magazine’s over-the-top launch party a decade ago reminded me of just how far the media literati and fashion glitterati have come since then.Reflecting back, Daily Beast’s Tina Brown wryly noted, “It seems like that happened in the 18th century.”Even the fashionistas have gotten hip to the new media/marketing modality.…… Continue reading Digitally Queued Up