Quote Approval & Fallible Journalists

The executive editor of an influential technology news site recently replied to my email about a client’s breakthrough new technology. He tried it, had Web connectivity issues, and quickly declared: “Seriously, I’ve looked at several such services, and this is not special. In fact, it’s a generic Windows DaaS service. So, please, stop pitching it…… Continue reading Quote Approval & Fallible Journalists

Communications Slop

“The modern chief executive lives behind a wall of communications operatives, many of whom ladle out slop meant to obscure rather than reveal.”David Carr– David Carr of The New York Times lamenting the way many CEOs have long interacted with members of his profession. Not surprisingly, he lays the blame on communications professionals. The quote appears…… Continue reading Communications Slop

A Pool Approach to Coverage

“Should the volatility of a company’s stock price determine how public information on an environmental disaster be delivered to the public?”This is the crux of the issue that “The Media Equation’s” David Carr raises in his always must-read column today “A Disaster, Privately Managed.” In essence, the command-and-control approach taken by BP and its PR…… Continue reading A Pool Approach to Coverage

Unconventional Taste

It started with Fox’s “terrible and shameless promotion” during the 4th game of the World Series.America had its first trailer-length glimpse of James Cameron’s $300 million epic “Avatar,” which seemed to produce the opposite effect for many. The Times’s Carbetbagger David Carr tweeted: @carr2n: These wall-to-wall Avatar promos are not having the desired effect on…… Continue reading Unconventional Taste

Digitally Queued Up

David Carr’s flashback today to Talk magazine’s over-the-top launch party a decade ago reminded me of just how far the media literati and fashion glitterati have come since then.Reflecting back, Daily Beast’s Tina Brown wryly noted, “It seems like that happened in the 18th century.”Even the fashionistas have gotten hip to the new media/marketing modality.…… Continue reading Digitally Queued Up

The Future of Journalism

No. I don’t have the chutzpah (I mean prescience) of a Jay Rosen or Jeff Jarvis to portend what that future holds. Nonetheless, Jeff’s observations posted yesterday (and captured in part on video by Rafat) from an OPA (a former client) event in London, coupled with Jay’s Surowiecki-esque approach to news reporting are worthy reads…… Continue reading The Future of Journalism