Holiday Reading For The Geek In You

A few years back, my most erudite #2 son admonished me for spending too much time with short form real-time media. He explained that books — digital and otherwise — offer context that one simply can’t extract from the ephemeral world of streaming media.I thus decided to periodically post links to those books that generated…… Continue reading Holiday Reading For The Geek In You

Communications Slop

“The modern chief executive lives behind a wall of communications operatives, many of whom ladle out slop meant to obscure rather than reveal.”David Carr– David Carr of The New York Times lamenting the way many CEOs have long interacted with members of his profession. Not surprisingly, he lays the blame on communications professionals. The quote appears…… Continue reading Communications Slop

Business Insider Ignites New York

NYC’s Time Warner CenterIn compiling the questions for this week’s much-shared “PR 3.0 Questionnaire,” I did some research to see where various blogs and news sites ranked by unique monthly visitors in relation to one another. I hadn’t done this exercise in a while, but pretty much assumed that Boing Boing no longer topped the…… Continue reading Business Insider Ignites New York

Unconventional Taste

It started with Fox’s “terrible and shameless promotion” during the 4th game of the World Series.America had its first trailer-length glimpse of James Cameron’s $300 million epic “Avatar,” which seemed to produce the opposite effect for many. The Times’s Carbetbagger David Carr tweeted: @carr2n: These wall-to-wall Avatar promos are not having the desired effect on…… Continue reading Unconventional Taste

Yellow is the Color…

Everyone Democrat, Progressive, liberal, and centrist observer of the machinations of the media, let alone a decent share of conservatives, acknowledge the role Fox News has played in advancing this administration’s failed policies, let alone its current efforts to advance the fortunes of those who wish to perpetuate this seven-year national nightmare.When the parent company…… Continue reading Yellow is the Color…

PR Comings & Goings

I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year, or whether the onset of cooler temperatures catalyzes a change in corporate communications chores. This week we learn of three significant departures from the upper echelons of our professional calling:Twenty-year News Corp. veteran and its spokesman Andrew Butcher departs the Murdochian empire to head back…… Continue reading PR Comings & Goings

PR and The Public Editor

We all know that today it’s imperative to keep track of when (and how) the online conversation drifts to news (or innuendo) about a client’s brand, product and service.That said, PR people still have their work cut out for them just keeping mainstream journalists in check. If not us, on whom can one rely to…… Continue reading PR and The Public Editor

Out and Out

I don’t mind the Wall Street Journal and New York Times’ news alerts periodically popping on my desktop (as long as their purveyors don’t get too trigger happy). So far, both have been judicious in what they’ve chosen to send.Take the two WSJ Alerts that moved moments ago, separated by a mere three minutes. The…… Continue reading Out and Out