Twittering for Dollars

His motivation?A) Writer’s blockB) Digital disenchantmentC) Money worriesD) A PR ploy to regain media spotlightTo hear Rocketboom co-founder Andrew Baron explain his decision to sell his Twitter account (and his 1400+ followers) to the highest eBay bidder, one would think the answer is a combination of A and B.”Every time I would go to Twitter,…… Continue reading Twittering for Dollars

PR Comings & Goings

I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year, or whether the onset of cooler temperatures catalyzes a change in corporate communications chores. This week we learn of three significant departures from the upper echelons of our professional calling:Twenty-year News Corp. veteran and its spokesman Andrew Butcher departs the Murdochian empire to head back…… Continue reading PR Comings & Goings

Boston Ambush

I may have shared this story on these pages previously, but it’s worth a second life. Anyone who’s been toiling in the tech space for any length of time won’t forget the launch of Microsoft’s first big-branded OS — Windows 95.The over-the-top launch was capped with the mother of all “fam trips” that saw hundreds…… Continue reading Boston Ambush


News from wiki-land: the free and pervasive consumer-generated Internet encyclopedia plans to ask expert contributors to prove their credentials. How exactly? Beats me. Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales spoke via IM with The AP from Japan last night to confirm the plans, which were prompted by the revelations that a senior wiki board person, posing and…… Continue reading Wikinonymous