Twitter’s Second Life

Over the years, this blog has looked at the phenomenon of hype, and specifically, how too much of it can result in diminishing returns for the recipient (i.e., your client). I always believed that regulating media attention, especially when demand for client access is at its peak, leads to long-term sustainability and (en)viability.Over the weekend.…… Continue reading Twitter’s Second Life

Second Life’s Second Life

I’m gearing up to moderate a Business Wire panel on Tuesday morning called, “A Social Media Conversation: How PR, IR and Marketing Professionals Can Engage and Participate in the Social Web.” (Now that’s a mouthful!) The punditry includes:Converseon CEO Rob KeyTNS/Cymfony Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Jim NailEngadget Editor-in-Chief, Ryan BlockGoogle Senior Business Product Manager…… Continue reading Second Life’s Second Life

Second Life’s Two Minds

Sure, Second Life has garnered an inordinate amount of media attention since hitting the big time over the last year or so. But just like the Mittyesque avatars who frequent the joint, opinions about the now big-branded virtual world tend to be of two separate minds.Consider the rather skeptical view proffered from one mind at…… Continue reading Second Life’s Two Minds

A Million Trees

I was pleased to see American Express’s “Members Project” anoint as one of its 50 finalists the virtual-to-actual tree reforestation program developed by my friend, colleague and sometimes client Rob Key of Converseon. (You’ve all seen the Scorsese spot.)For those of you who didn’t catch my post on “Second Chance Trees” around Earth Day, the…… Continue reading A Million Trees

Celluloid Hero

I guess the context of a Second Life event can still drive media interest. Neville Hobson reports on the virtual world appearance of Bruce Willis as avatar to hype his new/old starrer “Die Hard 4.0 (overseas) and “Live Free or Die” (here). Some 60 attended the presser, which:”…featured a moderator who fielded text questions from…… Continue reading Celluloid Hero

Virtuous Tides and Trees

Now that the environment has returned to the front burner of the nation’s political (and public) agendas, I wonder whether Earth Day 2007 will regain some of its former glory?The first Earth Day, of course, was held on April 22, 1970, and is recognized as the beginning of the modern environmental movement. “Over 20 million…… Continue reading Virtuous Tides and Trees

In Another Life

Martin Heller today shared his underwhelming impressions of his first experience visiting Second Life.Under the headline, “PR in Second Life? Are They Kidding?,” his musings appear on the website of IDG’s soon-to-be Web-only Infoworld Magazine. Here are a few snippets from the tech-savvy reporter:”It still wasn’t a wonderful experience. ” “My avatar was surrounded by…… Continue reading In Another Life


News from wiki-land: the free and pervasive consumer-generated Internet encyclopedia plans to ask expert contributors to prove their credentials. How exactly? Beats me. Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales spoke via IM with The AP from Japan last night to confirm the plans, which were prompted by the revelations that a senior wiki board person, posing and…… Continue reading Wikinonymous