A Million Trees

I was pleased to see American Express’s “Members Project” anoint as one of its 50 finalists the virtual-to-actual tree reforestation program developed by my friend, colleague and sometimes client Rob Key of Converseon. (You’ve all seen the Scorsese spot.)

For those of you who didn’t catch my post on “Second Chance Trees” around Earth Day, the innovative program allows visitors to Second Life to plant one of ten species of virtual trees (at a cost of 300 Lindens or $1.50) on a special island. The planting of the virtual tree triggers Plant-It 2020, an environmental group founded by John Denver, to plant the physical tree in the endangered rain forest to which it is indigenous.

So how does a “social media communications firm” spread the news of its auspicious achievement? With a social media news release, YouTube video, Flickr images, key links and all the media assets time-challenged journos need to effectively cover the story.

Hopefully the virality of the initiative will take root among American Express card members to spawn a vote for the program here.