Planet PR Campaign

Why should he run for President? The man’s won an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Nobel Peace Prize for goodness sake. What’s more: all came his way without the extreme angst and unrelenting attacks that accompany a Presidential run.With those auspicious accolades under his belt, Al Gore now plans to shift into high gear to…… Continue reading Planet PR Campaign

Green to Gold

A former big box retailer client came to us with a brilliant idea. He wanted to do an environmental PR program tied to…St. Patrick’s Day. Geesh! “Big agency,” he asked, “how do you propose to bring my (lame-brained) idea to life?”So like good little agency service providers, we convened a brainstorming to figure out just…… Continue reading Green to Gold

Orange Not Green

I used to do some PR/community relations work for Home Depot. The work entailed helping the pioneering big box retailer gain a bigger presence in the New York market. As expected, area mom & pop hardware stores feared for their very survival.We were charged to provide all relevant parties with historical data on the true…… Continue reading Orange Not Green

A Million Trees

I was pleased to see American Express’s “Members Project” anoint as one of its 50 finalists the virtual-to-actual tree reforestation program developed by my friend, colleague and sometimes client Rob Key of Converseon. (You’ve all seen the Scorsese spot.)For those of you who didn’t catch my post on “Second Chance Trees” around Earth Day, the…… Continue reading A Million Trees

Virtuous Tides and Trees

Now that the environment has returned to the front burner of the nation’s political (and public) agendas, I wonder whether Earth Day 2007 will regain some of its former glory?The first Earth Day, of course, was held on April 22, 1970, and is recognized as the beginning of the modern environmental movement. “Over 20 million…… Continue reading Virtuous Tides and Trees

Tears for Fears

Which of the following offers the most cutting edge PR tactics?A large multi-national public relations agencyA large corporate communications departmentA small, specialized digital PR firm (if there are any) A non-governmental organizationA political campaignThe U.S. governmentThe government of IranIt’s hard to say. After all, a number of the presidential campaigns (#5) are effectively using social…… Continue reading Tears for Fears

Coal-Fire Sale

Talk about doing a 180. When the news first broke that fabled buyout king Henry Kravis would embark on his(tory’s) biggest deal ever, the first write didn’t exactly position the target in the most favorable light.Following the superlatives from NYTimes deal reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin, there, in the second paragraph, was the rub:”The amount of…… Continue reading Coal-Fire Sale