for PR?

My friend, former client and occasional collaborateur Christine Mohan flagged the inclusion of my tweet in a TechCrunch piece yesterday on the launch of AirPR, a “”-like service that attempts to fix our “broken” PR industry. It followed TC’s first story touting the imminent arrival of this VC-fueled and managed service.Love it when non-PR people claim…… Continue reading for PR?

PR for Startups: Deconstructed

Blog MaverickIt turns out that my post last week about item #11 on Mark Cuban’s list of 12 Rules for Startups — “Never Hire a PR Firm” — set off a firestorm that prompted a more nuanced response from Mr. Cuban.In his expanded view, Mr. Cuban did not disavow his disdain for the PR industry. In…… Continue reading PR for Startups: Deconstructed

Business Insider Ignites New York

NYC’s Time Warner CenterIn compiling the questions for this week’s much-shared “PR 3.0 Questionnaire,” I did some research to see where various blogs and news sites ranked by unique monthly visitors in relation to one another. I hadn’t done this exercise in a while, but pretty much assumed that Boing Boing no longer topped the…… Continue reading Business Insider Ignites New York

The 2011 Predictions Wiki

Every year, I attempt to aggregate some of the more noteworthy predictions for the media, PR, tech, marketing, mobile and social spheres.Here’s are my posts from 2008 “Notable 2009 Predictions” and 2009 “Desperately Seeking Social in 2010.” Also, I’ve done my share of prognosticating. Here were my predictions from each of the last two years.As…… Continue reading The 2011 Predictions Wiki