PR for Startups: Deconstructed

Blog MaverickIt turns out that my post last week about item #11 on Mark Cuban’s list of 12 Rules for Startups — “Never Hire a PR Firm” — set off a firestorm that prompted a more nuanced response from Mr. Cuban.In his expanded view, Mr. Cuban did not disavow his disdain for the PR industry. In…… Continue reading PR for Startups: Deconstructed

Friday’s Video Views

Angry Birds Come to LifePlease forgive me, but I’ve never played Angry Birds. (Is there a Blackberry app for it?) For the many obsessed fans of Rovio’s most addictive app, here’s a real-life APParition. (via Mashable) PropagandaOur so-called friends (and recent Columbia University Journalism award winners) at Al Jazeera report that the U.S. is developing…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

See No Evil

The Times’s Andrew Ross Sorkin today draws our attention to the exuberance displayed by those financial titans whose companies were a hair’s breath from insolvency.In the piece, he cites buoyant prognostications by the CEO or CFOs of Wachovia, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, all of whom made the media rounds to extol the virtues of…… Continue reading See No Evil