A VC Getting Its PR On

I read with considerable interest the news this week in which venture capital firm First Round Capital has started “a publishing platform to share secrets of startup success.” It follows the company’s announcement in October of a platform called hackPR, which is “a site where journalists can reach out to several companies at once around…… Continue reading A VC Getting Its PR On

Tech Tales from New York

Andrew Rasiej on Stage at the 10th Annual Personal Democracy ForumSandwiched in between the 10th anniversary gathering of the Personal Democracy Forum, the annual who’s who of those intersecting technology, politics and social activism, and the inaugural Mayoral NYC Tech Forum where four of NYC’s mayoral candidates attempted to show off their technology chops –…… Continue reading Tech Tales from New York

Match.com for PR?

My friend, former client and occasional collaborateur Christine Mohan flagged the inclusion of my tweet in a TechCrunch piece yesterday on the launch of AirPR, a “match.com”-like service that attempts to fix our “broken” PR industry. It followed TC’s first story touting the imminent arrival of this VC-fueled and managed service.Love it when non-PR people claim…… Continue reading Match.com for PR?

I Want My Aereo TV

New York Tech MeetupClient obligations and travel took me away from the last couple of New York Tech meetups, so I was glad to be back at NYU Skirball Center to witness first-hand what the city’s hot hot hot tech startup scene had up its collective sleeve. I wasn’t disappointed.As we settled into our seats,…… Continue reading I Want My Aereo TV

Startup Sustainability

Startups to Watch (via The New York Times)Anyone with a stake in a technology (or any other) startup will certainly appreciate the challenge entailed in prolonging editorial interest in their fledgling investment. Once the initial flurry of hyper-activity in the news and social spheres evaporates, how can a founder (and his PR consiglieres) build “legs”…… Continue reading Startup Sustainability

Making a Digital Impact

(Photo: World Economic Forum)I was able to attend PRSA’s annual Digital Impact Conference yesterday in New York City where I had the good fortune to hear former World Economic Forum digital chief Matthias Lufkens present some slides on Davos’s adoption of social media during his seven-year tenure.Matthias started at WEF in media relations, but had…… Continue reading Making a Digital Impact

The VC vs. the PR Pro

I recently had conversation with a New York tech entrepreneur about the growing ability of the top venture capital firms to drive media coverage for their portfolio companies.He not only validated my sense that many tech and business journalists take their cues from prominent VCs, but explained that a company like Andreessen Horowitz directs its…… Continue reading The VC vs. the PR Pro