Tech Tales from New York

Andrew Rasiej on Stage at the 10th Annual Personal Democracy ForumSandwiched in between the 10th anniversary gathering of the Personal Democracy Forum, the annual who’s who of those intersecting technology, politics and social activism, and the inaugural Mayoral NYC Tech Forum where four of NYC’s mayoral candidates attempted to show off their technology chops –…… Continue reading Tech Tales from New York

Startup City

My wife insisted that Silicon Valley continues to reign supreme as the tech startup capital of the world. She’s right of course, but I’d hardly put New York City down for the count. Last year, Privco reported “100 deals for privately held tech companies in the city, with their value adding up to $8.3 billion.”Not too…… Continue reading Startup City

New York Tech Meetup Gets Physical

Steve CaseAt Business Insider’s recent Ignition conference, reported here, AOL founder and Revolution CEO Steve Case said the following in response to a Henry Blodget question about his investment strategy: “More than half the economy has NOT been disrupted by the Internet.”Presumably he was talking about innovation in sectors that have been slow to embrace IT…… Continue reading New York Tech Meetup Gets Physical

New York Tech-Worthy

U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd ParkWe’re not worthy. We’re not worthy. We’re not….Well, actually, we (the New York Tech Meetup community) are most worthy of a visit from Todd Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer. NYTM executive director Nate Westheimer (Wayne) proclaimed:”So cool to have USA’s CTO @todd_park speaking here at #NYTM!” Cool indeed.Mr. Park’s infectious enthusiasm for the…… Continue reading New York Tech-Worthy

New York Tech Scene Heats Up

At the conclusion of Tuesday night’s New York Tech Meetup, a few of the venture capitalists gathered impromptu in a group to compare notes. I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but couldn’t help overhearing the assessment of the evening’s final presentation from NimbleTV, which has plans to disrupt the TV viewing experience a la last month’s…… Continue reading New York Tech Scene Heats Up

I Want My Aereo TV

New York Tech MeetupClient obligations and travel took me away from the last couple of New York Tech meetups, so I was glad to be back at NYU Skirball Center to witness first-hand what the city’s hot hot hot tech startup scene had up its collective sleeve. I wasn’t disappointed.As we settled into our seats,…… Continue reading I Want My Aereo TV

NYC Ratchets its Tech Cred

It’s a new year. The ebullient New York tech community picked up where it left off with several notable events: the first New York Tech Meetup of 2012, a Zaarly-sponsored Startup Crawl, and the auspicious piece in The Economist on Mayor Mike’s goal to see New York City give Silicon Valley a run for its…… Continue reading NYC Ratchets its Tech Cred

New York Tech Meetup: College Edition

Hoodies on the NYTM StageThe venue was different, as was the average age of the presenters. But that was all that had changed.  The energy from the stage and the warm embrace from the always sold-out audience at this month’s New York Tech Meetup remained palpable. In fact, I sensed even more electricity in the…… Continue reading New York Tech Meetup: College Edition