Friday’s Video Views

iBoy”Will he come from God?” “Almost…from HIM.”The Power of WordsSo what is the true differentiating communications competency? This video speaks for itself.#TwitterTVWho’d a thunk that TV and Twitter would be such fast friends? Here’s Twitter’s director of media partnerships, Chloe Sladden, discussing expert hashtag tips for TV shows. (via Fast Company) IBM’s W3Anyone who’s anyone…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Where the PR Jobs Are

One of the topics that surfaced during the roundtable I moderated yesterday on “social media and communications” at the Real-Time Communications Conference in New York revolved around blogger engagement – to do or not to do.Now the digital pundits will invariably advise anyone who’ll listen, to always engage a disgruntled blogger no matter how far…… Continue reading Where the PR Jobs Are

SMNR Chipped Away

In the “Mixed Signals” blog on ZDNet, writer Rupert Goodwins today turns his critical eye to an IBM-issued press release heralding the latest nanotechnological development on the chip-making front.In his post, titled “IBM’s supercomputer chip breakthrough more PR than IT,” Mr. Goodwins dissects the news with reportorial flair. His conclusion: “It ain’t so. It ain’t…… Continue reading SMNR Chipped Away

Do It Wrong Quickly

Social Media Collective member Robin Carey pinged the socially conscious group today to announce Amazon pre-orders of Brian Solis’s new, fun-titled book “Now is Gone,” in which the Valley PR man: “…explores how New Media (and Social Media) are forcing the evolution of PR through a rich set of meaningful interviews, case studies, and comprehensive…… Continue reading Do It Wrong Quickly


On the shuttle back to the hotel from the Bellagio last night, I eavesdropped a conversation in which a marketing manager at IBM talked effusively about an online business community called iSociety. Since I fell short of making it into high society, this sounded like a worthwhile endeavor to explore.I’m at the Community 2.0 Conference…… Continue reading iSociety