Do It Wrong Quickly

Social Media Collective member Robin Carey pinged the socially conscious group today to announce Amazon pre-orders of Brian Solis’s new, fun-titled book “Now is Gone,” in which the Valley PR man:

“…explores how New Media (and Social Media) are forcing the evolution of PR through a rich set of meaningful interviews, case studies, and comprehensive discussions.”

I’m not sure how I feel about getting a commercial come-on via SMT, but I’m sure Brian’s book will be a worthwhile read given his always astute musings on the state of PR 2.0.

Separately, but also a worthwhile read, is IBM distinguished engineer Mike Moran’s new tome “Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules,” which this blogger has been fortunate to represent. In the book, written for anyone who aspires to become a “millennium marketer,” Moran walks the reader through all the new tools and tactics required for success in a disintermediated marketing landscape.

He turns the old “plan then execute” mindset on its ear, favoring a non-stop cycle of refinement where failure (or “doing it wrong”) is a necessary and accepted step on the road to marketing nirvana. I mean in the old marketing paradigm, one can spend beaucoup bucks and still see a campaign fall flat. Whereas on the Web, if the messages don’t mesh, pull ’em down and try something else til you get it right. Makes sense.

Mike even accepts GM’s Chevy Tahoe Web marketing misstep wherein the automaker got the CGM advertising bug, until all those C’s began dissing its distinctly un-Green SUV. That’s OK. Right, Mike? Chevy learned from “doing it wrong,” and has moved on.

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