12 Must-Know Media Sites

In December 2006, I posted a piece titled “The Nouveau Niche Media” about all those new blogs and their growing influence over more traditional media, and commensurate allure to PR pros. Below are some of the sites I listed back then. They appeared on myriad blogrolls and in many an RSS reader:”…as someone who’s toiling…… Continue reading 12 Must-Know Media Sites

Someone’s Astroturfing Demand Media

The following two emails independently crossed my desktop this past week:Hello Peter!Kate here, and we’ve found an interesting infographic that I think you might enjoy. If you haven’t heard already, Demand Media has been in the news a lot lately. But just exactly why were they? Well, to enlighten you, or to recap all the…… Continue reading Someone’s Astroturfing Demand Media

Do It Wrong Quickly

Social Media Collective member Robin Carey pinged the socially conscious group today to announce Amazon pre-orders of Brian Solis’s new, fun-titled book “Now is Gone,” in which the Valley PR man: “…explores how New Media (and Social Media) are forcing the evolution of PR through a rich set of meaningful interviews, case studies, and comprehensive…… Continue reading Do It Wrong Quickly

Social Network Hopping

I received a call several months ago from a potential client who was jumping on the social networking bandwagon. Unlike the vertical business networks recently chronicled by The Journal’s Jessica Vascellaro, this one had consumers in mind, and specifically the 64 million Americans born between the years of 1946 and 1964.As a member in good…… Continue reading Social Network Hopping