Your Twitter Bed

What’s a socially networked person to do? All these outlets to share one’s thoughts, ideas and cool links! It’s exasperating. Well, first he or she should get a handle on each channel’s distinctive DNA and utility. Take Twitter. The inimitable David Pogue, who’s been tooling on the microblog these last few weeks, pondered in his…… Continue reading Your Twitter Bed

Being Scoble

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington’s observations of how his uber-socially networked friend Robert Scoble parses his time nowadays raises some valid questions about achieving the right the balance of ingredients for growing and monetizing one’s personal brand.Is it through more thoughtful editorial output, a wider (but admittedly thinner) digital footprint, or the attraction of legions of devoted…… Continue reading Being Scoble

Battle of the Social Nets

Lisa and Julia, you gotta appreciate Keith O’Brien. Here we are in the slowest (and hottest) month of the year, and this former tech reporter now editor-in-chief of our industry’s leading weekly conceives this idea for a PR Blog-Off. “As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, PRWeek is honoring one of the most important technological…… Continue reading Battle of the Social Nets

Twitter Friends

I have 165 “follower requests” on Twitter, 17 “friend requests” on Facebook, and 72 “invitations to connect” on LinkedIn. And I don’t know what to do.These numbers no doubt are minuscule compared to those of the more prolific users of these prevalent social media platforms. I just wonder if I’m being disrespectful for not readily…… Continue reading Twitter Friends

Worst Social Nets of the Week

OK I finally relented and activated my FaceBook account. I’ve resisted for too long, mostly because my three boys think it’s creepy for their Dad to be tooling around on what heretofore has been their dominant online lair.After hearing this news, my #3 son informed me that he programmed my settings so that I would…… Continue reading Worst Social Nets of the Week

Facebook’s About Face

The powers-that-be at Facebook deserve some credit for capitulating to the criticism of their Beacon marketing program. The activists at MoveOn diverted their attention from the political realm to expose the vagaries of opt-in and opt-out as it applied to this Facebook privacy-challenged monetization initiative.Under the Beacon program, Facebook merchants had the ability to share…… Continue reading Facebook’s About Face

The In Crowd

We Are Smarter Than Me is a book project with which I’ve been involved professionally for much of the last year. It’s not just any book, but the first to look at how companies have successfuly deployed collaborative and social networking technologies and architectures across their enterprises, and we’re not just talking consumer marketing.More significantly,…… Continue reading The In Crowd

Social Network Hopping

I received a call several months ago from a potential client who was jumping on the social networking bandwagon. Unlike the vertical business networks recently chronicled by The Journal’s Jessica Vascellaro, this one had consumers in mind, and specifically the 64 million Americans born between the years of 1946 and 1964.As a member in good…… Continue reading Social Network Hopping


On the shuttle back to the hotel from the Bellagio last night, I eavesdropped a conversation in which a marketing manager at IBM talked effusively about an online business community called iSociety. Since I fell short of making it into high society, this sounded like a worthwhile endeavor to explore.I’m at the Community 2.0 Conference…… Continue reading iSociety

The Business Social

Social networks are everywhere. Just consider the amount of media attention they’re commanding. It seems that just about every consumer marketer has plans to digitally embrace and engage their demographically distinct consumer.More recently, however, we’re beginning to hear more about businesses getting their feet wet with online communities and socially networked environments. Some hope to…… Continue reading The Business Social