Conventional PR and The Constitution

When the Bush appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court prevailed in a recent ruling that equated corporations to citizens when it comes to spending on political campaigns, the whole left side (and many in the middle) of the political spectrum cried foul.The nation’s Constitutional scholars and political pundits publicly decried Citizens United. Some some even…… Continue reading Conventional PR and The Constitution

Your Twitter Bed

What’s a socially networked person to do? All these outlets to share one’s thoughts, ideas and cool links! It’s exasperating. Well, first he or she should get a handle on each channel’s distinctive DNA and utility. Take Twitter. The inimitable David Pogue, who’s been tooling on the microblog these last few weeks, pondered in his…… Continue reading Your Twitter Bed

Palin’s PR Ploy

As you set out on this historic day, you may wish to read the urgent plea Stanford University Law Professor Lawrence Lessig posted on the eve of the election. It recounts where we were at this time in 2000 and 2004, and the dangers of complacency.Lessig, like many of us who choose the future over…… Continue reading Palin’s PR Ploy

PR Blogger Secrets

When you’re personally committed to post (almost) daily, there are times when the creative well appears to run dry. You resort to scanning your RSS reader’s PR and media folders for original posts, i.e., those that defy the blogging echo chamber.You scroll down your news portal’s home page for any interesting fodder. And finally you…… Continue reading PR Blogger Secrets