Conventional PR and The Constitution

When the Bush appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court prevailed in a recent ruling that equated corporations to citizens when it comes to spending on political campaigns, the whole left side (and many in the middle) of the political spectrum cried foul.The nation’s Constitutional scholars and political pundits publicly decried Citizens United. Some some even…… Continue reading Conventional PR and The Constitution

Mining Influence Without Twitter & Facebook

In his PR Squared blog post “When Clients Want Coverage in Your Blog: Social Media Ethical Dilemmas,” my buddy Todd Defren frames the debate with the following two questions: Should clients be allowed to leverage the agency’s (or its staffers’) brand to promote their own? Should the agency principal ask a well-known staff blogger to…… Continue reading Mining Influence Without Twitter & Facebook

Embargo This

Nowhere is the demand for exclusives stronger than among the handful of media that control the fates of the latest and greatest personal tech products. From Pogue and Mossberg to Gizmodo, CrunchGear, Engadget, Mashable, and of course, the elephant in the early adopter room, TechCrunch.All invariably ask to be the first to break the new…… Continue reading Embargo This

Incestuous Interplay

Do you think Todd Defren will ever break free from his character in Seinfeld to assert his broader industry wherewithal? I do. Defren, best known for getting PR tongues-a-wagging with his social media news release, is more versatile than the SMNR-saddled character with which he’s most closely associated.In his blog post today, Todd astutely derides…… Continue reading Incestuous Interplay