Friday Video Views

What would this week’s edition of Video Views be without this timely homage to the now immortalized iPhone 4 Antenna?The iPhone Antenna Song My buddy, Eric Schwartzman (quite the video impresario himself) captured some PR pundits’ perspectives on LeBron. (Is anyone really thinking about LeBron any more?) LeBron Lives On As a natural follow-up to…… Continue reading Friday Video Views

Blago and Thain’s TV Defense

If the PR handlers for Rod Blagojevich and John Thain had some social media mojo, what could/should they be doing to resuscitate their bosses’ tarnished reputations?As it presently stands, TV is serving as the primary vehicle for correcting what these beleaguered bosses believe – rightly or wrongly – has led to their demise in the…… Continue reading Blago and Thain’s TV Defense


Yes, I know it’s out of vogue to admit being a member of gen boomer. But considering that The Police and Genesis were the two top grossing performers in 2007, and Clapton, The Eagles, The Stones, and the Moody Blues all drew SRO crowds, who’s to say what’s in or out of vogue? But I…… Continue reading McTwitter

Incestuous Interplay

Do you think Todd Defren will ever break free from his character in Seinfeld to assert his broader industry wherewithal? I do. Defren, best known for getting PR tongues-a-wagging with his social media news release, is more versatile than the SMNR-saddled character with which he’s most closely associated.In his blog post today, Todd astutely derides…… Continue reading Incestuous Interplay

A Picture is Worth…

My buddy Howard Bailen directed me to a piece in today’s Globe & Mail that reported on a new study that showed “how the compensation of 1,500 CEOs of companies in the United States rose in the year after getting featured in the media.”The three key findings from the Univ. of Colorado B-school’s study:”A single…… Continue reading A Picture is Worth…