Clip-Craving Clients

In this new communications paradigm, what PR skills and client deliverables remain unscathed?Converseon’s chief strategist Mike Moran retweeted a link to a post this morning by Paul Gillin with the bodacious title Why Online Matters More Than Print. In it, Mr. Gillin extols the superior buzzmaking virtues of online media versus print (and broadcast), which…… Continue reading Clip-Craving Clients

Collaborate or Die

Former Clinton White House spokesman Mike McCurry (at right) offers up his remedy for what ails the newspaper business — collaboration. In a by-lined piece for the RealClearPolitics site, he rightly observes that newspapers, newsweeklies and their ilk simply cannot compete with all-news cable channels and the Internet.He also came to his collaborative conclusion culling…… Continue reading Collaborate or Die


Yes, I know it’s out of vogue to admit being a member of gen boomer. But considering that The Police and Genesis were the two top grossing performers in 2007, and Clapton, The Eagles, The Stones, and the Moody Blues all drew SRO crowds, who’s to say what’s in or out of vogue? But I…… Continue reading McTwitter

News Media Shifts

As if anyone needed to remind us about the malaise at the network evening news programs, today we learn that this softening extends to other celestial bodies in the broadcast universe, namely the morning shows and newsmagazines. Today, the Project for Excellence in Journalism releases the fifth edition of its State of the News Media…… Continue reading News Media Shifts

Special News Delivery

Few will argue with the wrenching transformation of news delivery and consumption in the digital age. A front page “Business” section story in today’s New York Times dissects how some newspapers are faring. (Hint: not good.)I thought I’d share a few noteworthy items on the subject that crossed my desktop in recent days:Google Local News…… Continue reading Special News Delivery

Corrective Inaction

In a post last evening, Slate media critic Jack Shafer takes us into the imperfect world of printed newspapers, and specifically a topic on which this blogger previously has pontificated: when journalists make factual errors.Mr. Shafer shares an analysis from the University of Oregon School of Journalism’s Scott Maier in which UofO researchers checked the…… Continue reading Corrective Inaction

I Want My NAA…Online

I’m pulling together my notes in preparation for the Bulldog Media Relations Conference starting today (Monday) in D.C. As mentioned, I’ll be presiding over the journalist panels during the two-day event, which draws hundreds of public relations professionals.Many of the questions supplied to me by the event organizers relate to how PR pros can enhance…… Continue reading I Want My NAA…Online

Journalistic Embrace

The sobering news emanating from newspaperdom last week sparked new speculation on the future vitality of that medium. Profits were down (again), and online ad revenue, while growing impressively, just doesn’t seem to be able to replace lost traditional ad revenue.Nonetheless, the old media guard can’t be accused of complacency when it comes to embracing…… Continue reading Journalistic Embrace

Content to be Content

Between spectating at high school sailing regattas and 9th grade and college lacrosse games, my weekends are pretty much shot.Even so, it’s over the weekends when I come across some of the more compelling content (I mean journalism) in the digital domain. Perhaps the weekend’s added leisure time allows the blood to flow back into…… Continue reading Content to be Content