Media Walls Crumble: Brands Benefit

Staples Center Star Turn (Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)Nowhere was the wall between editorial and ad sales as high nor as impenetrable than at mainstream news organizations. Who can forget the maelstrom that erupted in 1999 when one esteemed journalistic enterprise the Los Angeles Times blurred those lines by publishing a 168-page special Sunday magazine issue…… Continue reading Media Walls Crumble: Brands Benefit

Inauthentic Generals

As one agency trumpets its new mantra of “authenticity,” we learn today just how deeply our government has subverted authenticity to sell its war-time policies.In a 7600-word investigative piece on page A1 of today’s New York Times, reporter Doug Barstow outlines the extent to which this administration took (fairly standard) public relations techniques and nefariously…… Continue reading Inauthentic Generals

Special News Delivery

Few will argue with the wrenching transformation of news delivery and consumption in the digital age. A front page “Business” section story in today’s New York Times dissects how some newspapers are faring. (Hint: not good.)I thought I’d share a few noteworthy items on the subject that crossed my desktop in recent days:Google Local News…… Continue reading Special News Delivery

PR Pressure at the Pentagon

Politico’s Mike Allen reported yesterday that the Pentagon will hire ABC-TV News reporter Geoff Morrell, 38, in a public relations capacity. “The official said that a working journalist was chosen by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in an effort to improve press relations at a time when the administration is under pressure to show progress…… Continue reading PR Pressure at the Pentagon