Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Jeff ZuckerIt is 3pm Wednesday, and the news of former NBCUni’s chief Jeff Zucker’s ascension to the leadership of CNN Worldwide has still not yet been confirmed by Time-Warner, nor Mr. Zucker himself. Even so, the Twitterstream was buzzing last night and today with hedged assertions that this news was manifest. Leading the charge was…… Continue reading Zucker to CNN…Presumably

A “Newsroom” for the Future

I’ll always remember my first job move in PR — from a small NY-based shop specializing in motion pictures, theater and music to Hill and Knowlton with its blue chip clientele of Fortune 500 companies. I went from leveraging the power of celebrity to leveraging business and hard news to gain reporter favor – from…… Continue reading A “Newsroom” for the Future

Mad as Hell: Who’re Ya Gonna Tell?

Much has transpired since last year’s historic U.S. Presidential elections. The dramatic real-time run-up to November 4 kept many of us totally tethered to our digital news screens.Since then, that frenetic and insatiable state of political engagement has pretty much dissipated…until last week.The prospect of a Twitter/SMS/blog-fueled Presidential election to overthrow the Holocaust-denying, WMD-seeking, woman-oppressing,…… Continue reading Mad as Hell: Who’re Ya Gonna Tell?

The Sublime Simplicity of Twitter

So how did you embellish your election viewing last night? Was it with one of the electoral widgets many of the digitally minded news organizations offered up for download? Did you register for real-time results delivered via SMS to your mobile phone?Or did you simply plop yourself in front of the flat screen TV with…… Continue reading The Sublime Simplicity of Twitter

Spray Wash

I wonder if McCain campaign COO Steve Schmidt pulled a Tom Cruise and hired his sister?Here’s campaign spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt’s explanation given to reporters who were barred from capturing Sarah Palin’s first date with a foreign leader. “The decision was made for this to be a photo spray with still cameras and video cameras only.”…… Continue reading Spray Wash


Yes, I know it’s out of vogue to admit being a member of gen boomer. But considering that The Police and Genesis were the two top grossing performers in 2007, and Clapton, The Eagles, The Stones, and the Moody Blues all drew SRO crowds, who’s to say what’s in or out of vogue? But I…… Continue reading McTwitter

Inauthentic Generals

As one agency trumpets its new mantra of “authenticity,” we learn today just how deeply our government has subverted authenticity to sell its war-time policies.In a 7600-word investigative piece on page A1 of today’s New York Times, reporter Doug Barstow outlines the extent to which this administration took (fairly standard) public relations techniques and nefariously…… Continue reading Inauthentic Generals

On Thin Ice

I know. I know. I’m dating myself. But I remember Marketwatch’s Silicon Valley columnist Bambi Francisco when she was a talent booker in New York for Lou Dobbs’ “CNN Moneyline.” Now she finds herself in a journalistic sticky wicket, exacerbated ironically by a piece in the flagship publication of her employer.The issue concerns Ms. Francisco’s…… Continue reading On Thin Ice