Defending Reputation Defender

“Google is not God, it is not the First Amendment, and it’s not the truth,” said Michael Fertik, founder of Reputation Defender, re-named last week “It’s probably the best machine of the last 10 years, but it’s just a machine.” — CNET (1/20/2011) founder Michael FertikI recently had an opportunity to meet up with…… Continue reading Defending Reputation Defender

For Immediate Release

CNET’s Caroline McCarthy yesterday blogged about how the news value is wearing thin when it comes to musical artists releasing their new work exclusively via the Web. She also recognized the buzz these partnerships have offered both the bands and their online hosts: “…they’ve also created digital music’s ultimate publicity stunt…a win-win situation for both…… Continue reading For Immediate Release

In Praise of the Press Release

Two weeks ago, a client issued a news release nationally on Business Wire. Two days ago, a colleague sent me an effusive email containing a list of links to reputable web sites that posted the release verbatim.It included the usual subjects: Yahoo! Finance, AOL money & finance, msn money,…I ask myself: do these even…… Continue reading In Praise of the Press Release

A Dose of SEM

You may remember Elinor Mills who made a name for herself by revealing a bit too much about Google CEO Eric Schmidt. This in turn prompted the search/advertising monopoly to banish her from its journalist-in-good-standing list.Moments ago, Ms. Mills piled on an infectious story in which a Google Health blogger used all the attention that…… Continue reading A Dose of SEM

On Thin Ice

I know. I know. I’m dating myself. But I remember Marketwatch’s Silicon Valley columnist Bambi Francisco when she was a talent booker in New York for Lou Dobbs’ “CNN Moneyline.” Now she finds herself in a journalistic sticky wicket, exacerbated ironically by a piece in the flagship publication of her employer.The issue concerns Ms. Francisco’s…… Continue reading On Thin Ice