Inauthentic Generals

As one agency trumpets its new mantra of “authenticity,” we learn today just how deeply our government has subverted authenticity to sell its war-time policies.In a 7600-word investigative piece on page A1 of today’s New York Times, reporter Doug Barstow outlines the extent to which this administration took (fairly standard) public relations techniques and nefariously…… Continue reading Inauthentic Generals

PRSA Keynoters: Tim and Karen

I am a huge Tim Russert fan. The “Meet the Press” host, and arguably the Beltway’s most influential journalist, addressed the throngs attending the PRSA Conference in Philly this morning. He cogently and buoyantly walked the crowd through the windy political road that started with the Supreme Court crowning of George W. Bush as POTUS…… Continue reading PRSA Keynoters: Tim and Karen


Last week, I happened to catch one of the unfair and imbalanced Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo” segments (not to be confused with the pilfered name of Joshua Mica Marshall’s influential blog).This particular one-sided O’Reilly diatribe railed against George Soros. (A few days earlier, it was Bill Moyers.)In the Soros segment., the host showed a…… Continue reading Propagandist(s)