Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of “Video Views” features some hype for TechCrunch Disrupt, Marc Andreessen, Mashable’s Ben Parr and Jim Lehrer.”TechCrunch Disrupt” Debuts Next WeekTechCrunch NY-based co-editor Erick Schonfeld promotes TechCrunch Disrupt (May 24-26), which will present established and emerging players who are “disrupting” the media and technology landscape. The confab is what’s left of the…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

A Social Guide Post

Alex Howard aka @digiphile tweeted to his followers today a link to Reuters’ new social media guidelines, which he called “progressive.” Here’s an excerpt:”We want to encourage you to use social media approaches in your journalism… Many of you are using social networks like Facebook or Twitter both as part of your newsgathering and as…… Continue reading A Social Guide Post

The Media Cloud and Reputation

I’ve long had a theory regarding reputation, and in particular, how one’s public persona is captured, reflected and shaped by the news media over time.It goes like this: the higher one ascends, the greater the capacity for him or her to descend. Conversely, the bigger the fall, the stronger the rebound. (“Everyone loves a comeback”…… Continue reading The Media Cloud and Reputation

Quick Draw McGraws

The spat between TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington sparked by The New York Times’s tech editor Damon Darlin seems like eons ago, in spite of only hitting a crescendo in the last two weeks. (I guess today’s continuous news flow creates short-memoried news consumers.)You may remember that Mr. Darlin decided to compare the journalistic proclivities of bloggers…… Continue reading Quick Draw McGraws

Forget Journalists. It’s the Algorithm.

As PR 2.0 twists and turns its way into PR 3.0, we are constantly reminded of our growing role as producers of content that drives awareness, opinion, and action.Cases in point: the Twitterization of the Skittles home page, the de-listing of one’s Facebook friends for the sake of a Whopper, and the first appearance on…… Continue reading Forget Journalists. It’s the Algorithm.

CCTV (Command-and-Control TV)

It goes without saying that unfiltered, real-time, citizen-generated news reports often serve as the first write of history.In New York Magazine’s wary look at Twitter this week, the reporter happened to be sitting in Twitter’s offices as US Air 1549 dropped into the Hudson River: “And then I noticed something on Twitter Search. The first…… Continue reading CCTV (Command-and-Control TV)


Since the blogosphere is often a giant echo chamber, it’s only polite to give credit where credit is due. So Guy Kawasaki, thank you for tweeting a link to your Truemors post that in turn linked to YabBlog’s (inspiring) face-outing of those behind some of today’s biggest blogs.I thought it would be good weekend fun…… Continue reading Blog-o-Rama

Pres. Obama’s Policy Base

Of the several sessions I attended at the Time Warmer Summit: Politics 2008, it was the last one, “The Candidate and the Media: Creating the Brand, Maintaining the Brand, Preserving the Brand” that held the most resonance for the PR/marketing set.It featured Mark McKinnon, vice chairman, Public Strategies, former strategist, George W. Bush and Senator…… Continue reading Pres. Obama’s Policy Base

Ground Rules

You may not believe it, but most reporters at the leading news organizations take their trade very seriously. So much so that any hint of taint in their journalistic pursuits raises all kinds of red flags within their news organizations.And these days, with no paucity of pundits, the prospect of getting red flagged for a…… Continue reading Ground Rules