Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

If you missed Kit Seelye’s take today on how one off-the-bus Obama citizen supporter/reporter could very well derail her candidate’s political prospects, it’s a most worthwhile read. For some command-and-control PR types, it should also strike a nerve.In a nutshell, the Obama campaign invited one Mayhill Fowler, a 61-year-old reporter for Off the Bus, the…… Continue reading Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

SXSWi ’08

No. I’m not attending the conference referenced in this post’s title. But a team from MB’s FishBowl NY is, and their reports seem to justify the expense of sending them.First, they salaciously recount the awkward on-stage interview between Sarah Lacy, a former Business Week reporter, and the dedicated, self-effacing (and too youthful–>) Mark Zuckerberg who…… Continue reading SXSWi ’08

First Writes of Last Rites

Al Jazeera – Several dead in Jerusalem attack. At least eight people have been killed and 35 more wounded in a shootout at a Jewish school in west Jerusalem. Agencies quoted witnesses as saying that two armed men entered the yeshiva, or religious school, and opened fire on Thursday.Reuters – At least eight people were…… Continue reading First Writes of Last Rites

First Pitch & The Conversation

When PR colleagues ask me to assess the biggest changes in public relations, the conversation invariably turns to direct-to-consumer communications. Not unlike the billions big pharma spends to prod patients toward prescription products (minimizing the physician filter), PR pros also have a new and robust capacity to speak directly to end audiences.They too can more…… Continue reading First Pitch & The Conversation

Newser Snoozer

A while back, I wrote about the virtues of my home page: The site drew its content from all sorts of credible journalistic enterprises, mixed in with original reporting and lots of video, and had the wherewithal to continually update the page throughout the day.Isn’t that the Utopian news model that Jon Landman described…… Continue reading Newser Snoozer

Million Dollar Questions

From a freelance journalist seeking expert input, via ProfNet, for an upcoming column in the South China Morning Post. Under the headline “Blogging for Bucks,” it read: How do you make money from blogging? What’s the maximum and average? Is the market too overcrowded? Who writes the world’s best blog? What’s the best technological platform?…… Continue reading Million Dollar Questions

News Remade

Well my favorite news portal just made the first acquisition of its 11-year history. has acquired Newsvine, a site that aggregates both citizen and mainstream journalism into a news package driven by reader input a la Digg and Reddit.Of course with its 29 million monthly visitors, need only post this news — along…… Continue reading News Remade

Gillmor, Winer, Scoble…

Shel Israel pointed to his Naked Conversations’ pen pal’s heartfelt post yesterday in which the inimitable blogging A-lister and general good guy Robert Scoble threw his hands up, and his keyboard down, to lament the sorry state of discourse on his blogging and twittering platforms: “Much of what I read over on that Silicon Valley…… Continue reading Gillmor, Winer, Scoble…

Raw PR

The Social Media Collective got its dander up a few weeks back when one of blogdom’s more respected pundits had the audacity to use her authoritative blogging pulpit to advance the interests of a paying client. She disclosed the arrangement, but nonetheless took a beating in the online court of public opinion.This blogger didn’t see…… Continue reading Raw PR