Unleashing the Groundswell

A fascinating story in Sunday’s New York Times that explores the rise of low-cost, but effective (and infectious) consumer-generated videos that advocate for and against the Presidential candidates.Its focus was Robert Greenwald whom I briefly met in the press room at last week’s Personal Democracy Forum. It was his video that forced Sen. McCain to…… Continue reading Unleashing the Groundswell

Unity in Unity

If authenticity is the new PR buzzword, then who’s going to explain it to Sen. Obama’s PR consiglieres?Didn’t anyone learn anything from the faux photo-ops and canned colloquialisms deployed by the Bushies to intentionally deceive the public these last seven years?Americans so desperately want a commander-in-chief with a reasonable command of the English language, but…… Continue reading Unity in Unity

Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

If you missed Kit Seelye’s take today on how one off-the-bus Obama citizen supporter/reporter could very well derail her candidate’s political prospects, it’s a most worthwhile read. For some command-and-control PR types, it should also strike a nerve.In a nutshell, the Obama campaign invited one Mayhill Fowler, a 61-year-old reporter for Off the Bus, the…… Continue reading Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record