Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Jeff ZuckerIt is 3pm Wednesday, and the news of former NBCUni’s chief Jeff Zucker’s ascension to the leadership of CNN Worldwide has still not yet been confirmed by Time-Warner, nor Mr. Zucker himself. Even so, the Twitterstream was buzzing last night and today with hedged assertions that this news was manifest. Leading the charge was…… Continue reading Zucker to CNN…Presumably

Back to School @ NYTM

Flushing Meadow Tuesday evening (via Reuters) I’m always amazed how the New York Tech Meetup never fails to fill that 800-seat Skirball Center at NYU for its monthly showcases of “the next big thing.” This was especially true on Tuesday evening when the skies refused to acquiesce even to the U.S. Open, now in full…… Continue reading Back to School @ NYTM

Friday’s Video Views

Eisenberg on ZuckerbergThe Social Network’s long and much buzzed about ride to the nation’s movie theaters ends today (though countless outlets jumped the review embargo. Was there one?) As predicted, critics have gone boffo with Rolling Stone’s venerable movie guy Peter Travers handing out four stars and glowing words from which SONY will create a…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Not Ready for PRime Time Players

It’s natural for us as PR pros to Monday-morning quarterback a prominent PR gaffe. After all, we have the advantage of not being at the table as the beleaguered PR consiglieres assess the myriad mitigating factors that would inform a communications strategy.As outsiders, we can simply take notice of the ugly aftermath and postulate on…… Continue reading Not Ready for PRime Time Players

Free At Last

When the NY Post yesterday reported that NBC Universal chief (and former “Today” EP prodigy) Jeff Zucker made a personal plea to Paris Hilton’s father to trump Barbara Walters for the privilege of Ms. Hilton’s first post-jail interview, the network went on full damage control: “NBC News has not and will not pay for interviews,”…… Continue reading Free At Last