“Reasonable Promotion and Publicity”

So what constitutes reasonable promotion and publicity: a pop on ET, feature in the LA Times, an OK magazine spread, all of the above? That’s the question the lawyers for the company that produced “National Lampoon’s Pledge This” want answered as they sue Paris Hilton for non-performance…of her PR duties.No one can accuse the blonde…… Continue reading “Reasonable Promotion and Publicity”

Promises Unkept

“A call to Lohan’s publicist was not immediately returned.” Well, even if it was, what can a publicist possibly do or say in response to news of her client being arrested (again) for DUI and cocaine possession???This (not-unexpected) turn of events comes on the heals of Ms. Lohan’s (second) high-profile release from the obligatory Hollywood…… Continue reading Promises Unkept

Free At Last

When the NY Post yesterday reported that NBC Universal chief (and former “Today” EP prodigy) Jeff Zucker made a personal plea to Paris Hilton’s father to trump Barbara Walters for the privilege of Ms. Hilton’s first post-jail interview, the network went on full damage control: “NBC News has not and will not pay for interviews,”…… Continue reading Free At Last

Paris’s Prison Break

Good for Paris. Bad for Paris. TMZ breathlessly reports this morning that the faux celeb has managed to extricate herself from the discomforts of prison life, making a mockery of the 45-day sentence she earned.This unforeseen (and boffo) piece of news may be good for Ms. Hilton’s beauty sleep, but the expected public backlash over…… Continue reading Paris’s Prison Break

Managed Transparency

Last week, this blog touched on the recent conversation surrounding “the media interview” in which many of the self-anointed new media pundits portrayed the live media interview as outmoded, if not antithetical to the reporting process.Their vitriol was in part inspired by the popular Fred Vogelstein of Wired who attempted to interview Jason Calacanis and…… Continue reading Managed Transparency

Paris’s Prison (Career) Break

Conventional PR wisdom tells us that Ms. Hilton’s 45-day lock-up will make the bubbleheaded caricature relevant once again. The AP grabbed a couple of PR types to offer up the usual observations in the age of celebrity: “It will actually increase her star appeal in a very sick and demented way,” said longtime publicist Michael…… Continue reading Paris’s Prison (Career) Break

Rogues to Riches

Now here’s a thought: could the over-the-top media attention for Don Imus ultimately boost his career prospects? Or did the curmudgeonly shock jock truly suffer a fatal blow (as this blogger predicted early this week)?Frankly, in thinking further about this oh-so-modern conundrum, I am beginning to feel that I may have been too quick to…… Continue reading Rogues to Riches