Lloyd & Vince: What’s Changed?

Two pieces broke over the weekend that make me wonder if the modern practice of public relations may finally be getting its just due. Or maybe the PR biz hasn’t changed as much as we’d all like to think.Both stories touch on the old and the new, the yin and the yang, the steadfast and…… Continue reading Lloyd & Vince: What’s Changed?

Step and Repeat

As the propagation of news has gone from top-down to bottom-up to sideways, the client mandate of building a positive presence in the media and social spheres remains a constant.Outside of technology and consumer packaged goods, I’d argue that Hollywood has embraced the new marketing rules as much as any industry. The just concluded OMMA…… Continue reading Step and Repeat

“Reasonable Promotion and Publicity”

So what constitutes reasonable promotion and publicity: a pop on ET, feature in the LA Times, an OK magazine spread, all of the above? That’s the question the lawyers for the company that produced “National Lampoon’s Pledge This” want answered as they sue Paris Hilton for non-performance…of her PR duties.No one can accuse the blonde…… Continue reading “Reasonable Promotion and Publicity”

A Pre-Tour Publicity Campaign

You gotta love Roger Friedman, Fox’s acerbic and most amusing gossipist. I bet he honed his killer instincts at Camp Greylock, the venerable all boys sports camp where I first met him as an 11-year-old. I digress.Roger astutely asserts in his latest column that the queen of pop, or more specifically, her manager, has manufactured…… Continue reading A Pre-Tour Publicity Campaign

Disney’s Peter Pan Syndrome

Didn’t Britney Spears start out on the Mickey Mouse Club? Well, we all know what happens when puberty, and the lurid lure of modern celebrity kicks in. At the age of 15, Miley Cyrus’s handlers apparently believed the time was ripe for their charge to re-calibrate her image from a squeaky clean object of adoration…… Continue reading Disney’s Peter Pan Syndrome