Disney’s Peter Pan Syndrome

Didn’t Britney Spears start out on the Mickey Mouse Club? Well, we all know what happens when puberty, and the lurid lure of modern celebrity kicks in. At the age of 15, Miley Cyrus’s handlers apparently believed the time was ripe for their charge to re-calibrate her image from a squeaky clean object of adoration…… Continue reading Disney’s Peter Pan Syndrome

Rehab Reality

Lohan, Dunst, Spears, Carey, Mendes, O’Brien…and the list goes on and on. AOL has a special section called Celebrity Rehab, and the host of the popular reality show Celeb Rehab allegedly is a substance abuser.This cartoon appears in the current issue of The New Yorker.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

So was it worth it? Apparently so, if you believe the demos disreputably delivered to MTV’s Video Music Awards Sunday night. Sure, there were some notable highlights, including (pictured) Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson turn, but the Britney fiasco “tainted” the whole affair, and in so doing, reaped a 23% ratings surge for the network.At first…… Continue reading Hit Me Baby One More Time