Conversation M̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Declining

Over the years, this blog has examined how ordinary citizens and eventually bona fide newsmakers — from NGOs to CEOs to politicos — have the capacity to create, manage and syndicate original content, in effect giving them mostly unchecked control over their “media” personas. The advent of blogs, sponsored Facebook sites, Twitter feeds and YouTube…… Continue reading Conversation M̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Declining

Mining Influence Without Twitter & Facebook

In his PR Squared blog post “When Clients Want Coverage in Your Blog: Social Media Ethical Dilemmas,” my buddy Todd Defren frames the debate with the following two questions: Should clients be allowed to leverage the agency’s (or its staffers’) brand to promote their own? Should the agency principal ask a well-known staff blogger to…… Continue reading Mining Influence Without Twitter & Facebook

Twitter and Media’s Atomization

We all know about mining the online conversation and the value it has for individuals, institutions and enterprises trying to get a read on their online reputations.This increasingly vital PR function also provides an early-warning system for potential PR peccadilloes, as well as an opportunity to engage and catalyze brand evangelists.Yet, I sit here mesmerized…… Continue reading Twitter and Media’s Atomization

Comcast Listens…At Last

I just came back from the Lincoln dealer, which had finally fixed the dent in my roof caused by a failed roof rack. (When I arrived to collect my car, the owner smiled at me and said “squeaky wheel.”)You may remember my post on the Monday after the July 4th weekend wherein I ranted on…… Continue reading Comcast Listens…At Last

Metrics Buzz

Doesn’t the discipline of reputation management fall squarely in the domain of the PR professional? Apparently no longer in today’s land grab of blurred marketing functions.Nielsen Buzzmetrics’s Pete Blackshaw, no stranger to the word-of-mouth marketing measurement scene, now sees gold in the execution of online reputation management programs.In a ClickZ piece today, penned by Doug…… Continue reading Metrics Buzz

Blogging Cool?

For many of the digital cognoscenti, blogging is so passé. What with Twitter, Seesmic, Qik and countless other tools that tout and tweet, who has time for that once-heralded, longer-form RSS-enabled conjecture? It’s just so outré.But for the rest of America, e.g., those outside of Silicon’s valleys and alleys, the weblog remains very much the…… Continue reading Blogging Cool?


Yesterday The Guardian reported on a new social media product called “Sway” that not only mines the online conversation, but purports to “influence” that conversation. Sherrilynne at StrivePR pointed to the piece.Sway’s makers at the UK-based marketing group Creston make no claims about lowering one’s cholesterol. Instead, the company’s “Director of Influence” had this to…… Continue reading Swayed