Battle of the Social Nets

Lisa and Julia, you gotta appreciate Keith O’Brien. Here we are in the slowest (and hottest) month of the year, and this former tech reporter now editor-in-chief of our industry’s leading weekly conceives this idea for a PR Blog-Off. “As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, PRWeek is honoring one of the most important technological…… Continue reading Battle of the Social Nets

Worst Social Nets of the Week

OK I finally relented and activated my FaceBook account. I’ve resisted for too long, mostly because my three boys think it’s creepy for their Dad to be tooling around on what heretofore has been their dominant online lair.After hearing this news, my #3 son informed me that he programmed my settings so that I would…… Continue reading Worst Social Nets of the Week

Wispa Campaign

We all know about monitoring and mining the online “conversation.” All the big agencies, many of the digital-minded boutiques and quite a few PR vendors offer products that purport to keep real-time tabs on how a company’s product, service or reputation fares in the true court of public opinion.The real skill, however, lies less in…… Continue reading Wispa Campaign

Move-On Gas

I told my sister to take me off her friends e-mail distribution list. The reason: I have too many e-mails to wade through as it is, and frankly, what she typically sends has more to do with self-discovery, the key to longevity, good parenting and the usual breathless, but fictitious conspiracies, e.g. “urban legends,” that…… Continue reading Move-On Gas