Hack Journalism

A few years back, an innovative anti-pirating tech company called MediaDefender had all its internal emails hacked.The perpetrator, buoyed by all those file-sharing fanatics who detested their nemesis, were thrilled to see MediaDefender’s intellectual property make daylight. It cost the company dearly in both dollars and reputation.(I won’t date myself by recounting the story of…… Continue reading Hack Journalism

Being Scoble

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington’s observations of how his uber-socially networked friend Robert Scoble parses his time nowadays raises some valid questions about achieving the right the balance of ingredients for growing and monetizing one’s personal brand.Is it through more thoughtful editorial output, a wider (but admittedly thinner) digital footprint, or the attraction of legions of devoted…… Continue reading Being Scoble

Extreme Blog Makeover

I like Scoble’s new home. No, not Fast Company, but the extreme homepage makeover that the FC’s web design team created for Scobelizer. It’s nicely organized, pleasant to look at, and has many of the cool apps, widgets and communities that Scoble loves to extol through his multitudinous channels: “More and more of my time…… Continue reading Extreme Blog Makeover