Friday’s Video Views


“Will he come from God?” “Almost…from HIM.”

The Power of Words

So what is the true differentiating communications competency? This video speaks for itself.


Who’d a thunk that TV and Twitter would be such fast friends? Here’s Twitter’s director of media partnerships, Chloe Sladden, discussing expert hashtag tips for TV shows. (via Fast Company)

IBM’s W3

Anyone who’s anyone in the communications field knows what IBM’s early adoption of social strategies has meant for the successful engagement of influencers in the company’s external vertical businesses. Here’s at IBM’s Intranet chief Ben Edwards chatting with the always effusive Mark Ragan about that other vital public in IBM’s world – its employees. (via Ragan)

Paul Allen Sneak

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen ruffled a few feathers, including those of the company’s other co-founder, with the publication of his controversial new book on the founding of that iconic company. AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher posted a preview clip of Mr. Allen’s appearance this Sunday on “60 Minutes.” Good job, Keven T. Via AllThingsD

In Search of SxSW

Just when we thought we’ve had enough with 2011 SxSW, the always entertaining and insightful David Meerman Scott teamed up with Tim Washer and took to the streets of Austin for an MOS on what makes the gathering so special. Loved the QR Code reference.

You’re Fired!

Dusty the Cat Burglar

This closing video went totally viral last week. (via KGO-TV SF)