The Shifty Press Release

The debate over the value of the press release has raged pretty much unabated for the last seven or eight years. My pal Todd Defren literally built his PR firm on the back of his pathbreaking effort to re-imagine the press release of the future. (Yesterday, his company Shift Communications was named PR Agency of…… Continue reading The Shifty Press Release

The Aggregated Press Release

“These days PR is everything.” Or so starts a post titled “Press Releases: Friend or Foe” on, a “publication of the World Editors Forum.” The post goes on to talk about the value (or lack thereof) of the press release and a couple of new services that attempt to breathe new life into this…… Continue reading The Aggregated Press Release

Long Live PR (and the Press Release Too)

Two posts caught my attention early this week. Both offered fairly dour assessments of the practice of public relations, and as expected, both were heavily re-tweeted into the media echo chamber.The first, from a trade journalist who no doubt has been on the receiving end of myriad PR come-ons and spam, declared that the press…… Continue reading Long Live PR (and the Press Release Too)

Recovery Release

Slate’s John Dickerson tweeted news that the administration has “revitalized the press release…with the launch of”The site sub-head reads “Your Money at Work” and includes the following mission statement: Education: Explain the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; Transparency: Show how, when, and where the money is spent; Accountability: Provide data that will allow citizens…… Continue reading Recovery Release

The Juiced Up News Release

This week one of my clients issued a news release on one of the big paid wire services. The Google News Alert showed immediate and impressive results: Dow Jones Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, and dozens of others including, for whatever reason, Earth Times. Yet, when searching for the story on the Marketwatch site, nothing popped. Huh?…… Continue reading The Juiced Up News Release

“Thrilled” and “Excited”

“…according to a person briefed on the negotiations who would not be identified because the deal has not been formally announced.” This is from this morning’s New York Times business story by the paper’s youthful TV reporter and decoder Brian Stelter. It pre-reports the deal between Apple and HBO to finally offer for sale the…… Continue reading “Thrilled” and “Excited”

The News Release: Content or Context?

As PR types continue their obsession with the format and purpose of the modern-day news release, this resilient vehicle for allegedly breaking news continues to flourish in most industry circles. A quick scan of any 30-minute weekday block on Business Wire or PR Newswire will dispel any notion that the press release is dead.Even so,…… Continue reading The News Release: Content or Context?

SMNR Chipped Away

In the “Mixed Signals” blog on ZDNet, writer Rupert Goodwins today turns his critical eye to an IBM-issued press release heralding the latest nanotechnological development on the chip-making front.In his post, titled “IBM’s supercomputer chip breakthrough more PR than IT,” Mr. Goodwins dissects the news with reportorial flair. His conclusion: “It ain’t so. It ain’t…… Continue reading SMNR Chipped Away