Friday’s Video Views

Kindle v iPadKindle sticks it to Apple’s iPad with its new TV spot. I wonder how Amazon will deal with the product enhancements Apple released today – multi-tasking, printability…?I Want My New Twitter!The big news this week from the social spheres entails Twitter’s simple redesign and enhanced functionality. Not only is the company creating cache…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Reading Room Revisited

Last winter, I wrote a post that extolled the value of long-form reading, as opposed to the microbursts of information that flows ephemerally across our desktops, laptops, Blackberrys, iPhones and Nexus Ones. The number of new books heralding in the new world order might only be exceeded by the myriad trade shows and meet-ups coalescing…… Continue reading Reading Room Revisited

The Reading Room

We were gathered at our bi-monthly Boys’ Lunch at Michael’s last month when one of “the boys,” a very senior media-minded communications executive, looked at me incredulously when I said I actually read Bernoff’s Groundswell, Jarvis’s What Would Google Do, and Godin’s Tribes, among others.He definitely thought I was either drunk on the Kool-Aid or…… Continue reading The Reading Room