Your Weekend Viewing

The Man  Here’s to the Crazy Ones (circa 1997) narrated by Steve JobsA nervous 23-year-old Steve Jobs about to go on TV (via BusinessInsider) To Steve Jobs on his 30th Birthday (via The Next Web)Steve Talks to Apple Marketing Team in 1997 (via Ad Age) Steve Jobs Macworld 2001 (Tour of First Apple Store) Steve Jobs…… Continue reading Your Weekend Viewing

Rock Star Founders

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (photo: Reuters) A much buzzed-about piece in wunderkind Justin Smith’s The Atlantic titled “Steve Jobs’s Law” explains “Why Founders Make the Best Leaders.” It was accompanied by an iconic and familiar image of Mr. Jobs wowing the cult of Mac at one of his soon-to-be legendary product launch events.Author James Kwak writes: “Still, the conventional…… Continue reading Rock Star Founders

Apple of My Life

The year was 1986. I was toiling in Hill and Knowlton’s Broadcast Media department under the tutelage of George Glazer. Our focus was almost exclusively on media training and broadcast media placement. For the latter, the program pickings were rather slim by today’s standards: the network morning talk and evening news shows, a couple of…… Continue reading Apple of My Life

Paid, Earned & Owned: Revisited

Eighteen months ago, Forrester’s Sean Corcoran took a stab at an org chart to illustrate the new interactive marketing paradigm. Specifically, he attempted to further define terms popularized by several digital thought leaders for the types of media campaigns clients have at their disposal to advance their marketing goals, i.e., owned, paid and earned. Here’s…… Continue reading Paid, Earned & Owned: Revisited

Apple’s Secret PR Sauce

An Australian economics professor professes to know the secret PR sauce that led to the “implausible” disappearance of Apple’s biggest crisis in recent years: “AntennaGate.” Surely you remember the hyperbolic iPhone 4 launch and the ensuing issues from a misbehaving antenna. (Thank goodness for duct tape.)In a fresh re-hash of the incident in Harvard Business Review (from…… Continue reading Apple’s Secret PR Sauce

Friday’s Video Views

Kindle v iPadKindle sticks it to Apple’s iPad with its new TV spot. I wonder how Amazon will deal with the product enhancements Apple released today – multi-tasking, printability…?I Want My New Twitter!The big news this week from the social spheres entails Twitter’s simple redesign and enhanced functionality. Not only is the company creating cache…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Jobs Speaks, People Listen

Here we are again: back to Apple. Tell me: don’t all digital roads eventually lead back to Apple? Well, from a PR perspective, actually not. The proprietor of this blog has allocated a decent share of space to the PR peccadilloes of Cupertino’s (and the world’s) most famous company.Many of my previous Apple-related posts have…… Continue reading Jobs Speaks, People Listen

Drudge-Driven News

During a recent Publicity Club of New York media panel, I brought up the downside of real-time news, citing Silicon Valley Insider’s Henry Blodgett’s now-famous faux pas in which he broke the “story” of a supposed Steve Jobs heart attack. The report was wrong…as further evidenced by Mr. Jobs’ star turn in a tux at…… Continue reading Drudge-Driven News

Apple’s Tech Tease

Perhaps New York Times tech editor Damon Darlin’s post on the Gadgetwise blog also deserved inclusion on the Times’s MediaDecoder blog. It reported on the cryptic email his office and other tech journos received today from Apple’s PR machine.Keeping with the company’s fabled adherence to communications secrecy, the note simply announced that Apple planned an…… Continue reading Apple’s Tech Tease