PR, Influence and Networking

On Sunday, PR Newser’s Joe Ciarallo asked me whether I had seen Claire Cain Miller’s prominent piece on PR 2.0, or as some valley wags may soon call it, “the crowning of Brooke Hammerling.”Of course I had. Who hadn’t? It’s so rare that The New York Times visits our enigmatic profession, and with 3000+ words,…… Continue reading PR, Influence and Networking

Hollywood’s Lament

Control. What a concept! As the media splinters at an alarming rate, alarms sound among Hollywood’s PR set over their commensurate loss of control. The phenomenon has thus far eluded the big MSM entertainment outlets like People and US, ET and Access where command and control remains an art…akin to blackmail.It’s those pesky, journalistically challenged…… Continue reading Hollywood’s Lament

A Piece of the “PR 2.0” Puzzle

The Times (of London) Online today proclaimed that:”…a new industry is springing up to allow companies and individuals to track how they are perceived on the web – call it PR 2.0.”Reporter Rhys Blakely’s subhead:”Blue-chip companies, billionaires and pop stars turn to software solution to protect their reputations online.”Actually, Rhys, this is only a small…… Continue reading A Piece of the “PR 2.0” Puzzle