PR Tack-tics

I don’t know what to make of one L.A. publicist’s efforts to create a bold name for himself in the Big Apple.On the one hand, he gets a star turn in Radar online’s “Flacklife” “FlackWatch.” On the other, it points to a side of PR that would make Sidney Falco blush, let alone many others…… Continue reading PR Tack-tics

On the Radar

Jeff Bercovici, the astute media reporter (and blogger) for the reinvented Radar pinged me this morning with his nomination for this week’s “Bad Pitch Blog” entry.It’s US Netcom Corp, which today moved a news release over PR Newswire with the headline:”Could Emergency Phone Notification Have Prevented Virginia Tech Massacre?”It’s reminiscent of the terrorist attacked-inspired Funeral…… Continue reading On the Radar