Friday’s Video Views

Holy Kaw!Amber Mac sat down with Enchanted author, Alltop founder and all-around digital maven Guy Kawasaki for a Fast Company video interview. The topic: working smarter, being more productive.Tac Talks Leadership from HBS Social media influencer and biz consultant Tac Anderson talks to us from Harvard Business School about John Kotter’s latest book “The Heart…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Digital Reading Room, Spring ’11 Edition

With the arrival of spring, I thought the time was ripe to revisit the Digital Reading Room to give this blog’s more literate followers a digital refresh to their bookshelves, Kindles and iPads. (Anyone using a Nook, SONY e-Reader or Galaxy?)The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk Engage, Revised and Updated: The Complete Guide for…… Continue reading Digital Reading Room, Spring ’11 Edition

Friday’s Video Views

Location-Based Photo BoothI haven’t yet heard of a digital camera with a built-in printer in this post-Polaroid era, but I bet they exist. For those who need a paper memento of your momentous meet-up, Instaprint has arrived to complement your Instagram obsession. (via Mashable) Instaprint from BREAKFAST ny on Vimeo.UnsubscriberWhen location-based influencer (Foursquare founder) Dennis…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Meet Yammer’s, I Mean Geni’s David SacksWhen I saw last year that David Sacks would present at Steve Itzler’s BDI Conference in New York, I signed on just to say hello. It wasn’t so much for the attention Sacks has received for inventing Yammer, i.e., “Twitter for Business” (behind the firewall, as much as it…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

A Web 2.0 Social Media Meme

Chris Brogan may regret turning over his online real estate to guest blogger Dennis Howlett, a fellow Social Media Today contributor, who used the opportunity to rant on most things Web 2.0.His post “Web 2.0- Was it Ever Alive?” calls into question the lofty prognostications on the value that “social media” (a term Howlett abhors)…… Continue reading A Web 2.0 Social Media Meme