Digital Reading Room, Spring ’11 Edition

With the arrival of spring, I thought the time was ripe to revisit the Digital Reading Room to give this blog’s more literate followers a digital refresh to their bookshelves, Kindles and iPads. (Anyone using a Nook, SONY e-Reader or Galaxy?)The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk Engage, Revised and Updated: The Complete Guide for…… Continue reading Digital Reading Room, Spring ’11 Edition

The World According to Meerman Scott

I had a chance to catch yesterday morning’s keynote session featuring David Meerman Scott at the Search Engine Strategies New York conference, which continues today and tomorrow. He is one helluva a speaker who made a cogent case for the “new rules of marketing & PR” by asking the audience five very simple questions: In…… Continue reading The World According to Meerman Scott

Maximize Your Gobbledygook

My friend and occasional collaborator Mark Fortier pinged me about his client David Meerman Scott’s newest initiative Gobbledygook Grader from HubSpot.It’s an online tool that hopes to solve the other issue around which Holtz and Scoble locked horns this week: poorly written pitches (as if misguided pitches were not bad enough).In his post, Meerman Scott…… Continue reading Maximize Your Gobbledygook