Just Another Astroturfing Campaign

While on family holiday this past week, escaping just ahead of an expected brush with Bob, I took notice of the latest revelation about Beltway-based Bonner & Associates. Actually, my buddy Geoff Livingston tipped me off via a tweet that linked to a Grist.org piece outing the “grassroots” specialist firm.Before I go there, I’m reminded…… Continue reading Just Another Astroturfing Campaign

The School Lobby

This post concerns lobbyists, or that beleaguered segment of the PR profession that prefers the moniker “public affairs specialists.”The “public” on which this group has its sights set tends to be government legislators and regulators at the local, state and federal levels. The Obama administration has sought to tighten the rules pertaining to lobbying (i.e.,…… Continue reading The School Lobby