Flack Helps Pack Crack Hacks

“Don’t take the bait.”This was the advice former Bush flack Ari Fleischer gave to a Green Bay Packers gathering yesterday on how to deal with journalism’s offensive line. “They [the media] are also going to stir the pot.” (Apparently not enough.)But, Ari, how should one behave when he’s caught lying?And what should you do when…… Continue reading Flack Helps Pack Crack Hacks

Beltway Springboard

You’d be hard-pressed to find a PR calling that beats national politics as a springier springboard to a high-paying, high-profile gig. Makes little difference what you did or how you performed.If you can claim spokesperson duties for any member of the Executive Branch, and you didn’t screw-up too badly, you can invariably write your ticket…… Continue reading Beltway Springboard