A PR Nexus

Wasn’t it just swell of Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) to set up a video camera at today’s Google presser introducing the Nexus One, Google’s presumed iPhone killer?Midway through the event, I counted some 16,000+ people signed on to watch the historical event unfold. (You see, Robert, having all those followers can come in handy.)I just wonder…… Continue reading A PR Nexus

PR Crunch Time

Ahhh. The beleaguered gadget guru. I truly sympathize with those keyboard commandos who are charged with sorting through the myriad mailbox-filling missives that breathlessly tout the latest gizmos this (and every) holiday season.At least CrunchGear didn’t close the door completely on the frequent source of butter used on the bread it digests and regurgitates for…… Continue reading PR Crunch Time