Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views looks at opinion journalism, Woot/Amazon, and a collection of iPhone 4 videos.Op-Ed Anyone?The Journalism of Opinion in which Columbia University hosted a conference on opinion journalism Daily News columnist and author Stanley Crouch, Bitch Media founder Andi Zeisler, New York Times op-ed page staff editor Mark Lotto, and BlueMassGroup…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

FB: “Are We Perfect? Of Course Not.”

For an enterprise that’s changing the world, or at least the way humans interact in it, hasn’t Facebook suffered an unusual share of missteps and PR gaffes on its road to immortality? Do all start-ups endure this much public pain and suffering?The latest gaffe, as described by Jenna Wortham on page A1 of today’s New…… Continue reading FB: “Are We Perfect? Of Course Not.”