Hoaxing a Facebook Revolt

Over the long weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the incipient beginnings of a groundswell revolt percolating on the world’s largest social network.Specifically, two wall posts caught my eye, each citing Facebook’s recent changes to its privacy settings and purported ways to protect one’s private and/or copyrighted content. The first was intended as a way…… Continue reading Hoaxing a Facebook Revolt

FB: “Are We Perfect? Of Course Not.”

For an enterprise that’s changing the world, or at least the way humans interact in it, hasn’t Facebook suffered an unusual share of missteps and PR gaffes on its road to immortality? Do all start-ups endure this much public pain and suffering?The latest gaffe, as described by Jenna Wortham on page A1 of today’s New…… Continue reading FB: “Are We Perfect? Of Course Not.”

San Miguel on Jobs

Those I follow on Twitter are consumed today with the maneuverings from Macworld 2009 (absent a hormone-imbalanced Mr. Jobs).As Mack Collier wrote: “Twitter is constipated, can I assume that MacWorld is underway?”Dave Winer lamented: “Oh great. Garageband. I don’t use that either.”Ryan Block hit a tech bump trying to live blog the event from the…… Continue reading San Miguel on Jobs