A Paper-less Facebook?

Everyone’s favorite multi-purpose social network last week released a “reader” for iOS devices that many are saying will eventually replace the company’s seminal newsfeed. It is simply called Paper, and allows the user to meld a handful of topics he or she wishes to follow, i.e., technology, enterprise, pop culture, into one’s newsfeed. ReadWrite’s headline…… Continue reading A Paper-less Facebook?

Facebook’s Real Audience

Photo: Eliza Kern, GigaOMYou mean you missed it? Yesterday the world’s biggest social network held a news conference — its third in four months. The reaction from a sampling of tech prognosticators was mixed. Dave Winer:I can’t believe the idiots at the FB press conf applauded the fact that the cheezy HTC phone comes in four…… Continue reading Facebook’s Real Audience

Facebook’s Presser

Tech Blogs 100% Confident They Don’t Know What Facebook Will Announce Tomorrow But let’s all report on it anyway! rww.to/Y5NfFy— ReadWrite (@RWW) January 14, 2013Most journalists these days do not have the luxury to leave their workspaces to physically attend a news conference. This is especially true when the announcement itself is completely cloaked in…… Continue reading Facebook’s Presser

Hoaxing a Facebook Revolt

Over the long weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the incipient beginnings of a groundswell revolt percolating on the world’s largest social network.Specifically, two wall posts caught my eye, each citing Facebook’s recent changes to its privacy settings and purported ways to protect one’s private and/or copyrighted content. The first was intended as a way…… Continue reading Hoaxing a Facebook Revolt

Leaders Apologize

Apple CEO Tim CookThis morning, my Twitterstream revelled in a rare, but full-throated apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook for the widely derided shortcomings in the iOS 6/iPhone 5’s Maps app. In it he wrote: “At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of…… Continue reading Leaders Apologize

New York Revs Its Startup Engines

This wrenching news just in: a startup called YourMechanic has won the much-hyped TechCrunch Disrupt startup showcase in San Francisco this week. The problem it solves: “getting your car fixed or serviced without having to leave home.” Geesh. The new techonomy is even sticking it to the local auto repair shop! Frankly, this doesn’t bother…… Continue reading New York Revs Its Startup Engines

Paid Subscriptions to Twitter, Facebook?

Those of you who have taken August to heart and checked out of your digital information streams, a battle is brewing with everyone’s favorite real-time firehose: Twitter. It seems that the digerati’s lifeline is consolidating its power base by changing the rules that govern its API and specifically, third-party developer access to it.GigaOM’s Mathew IngramI…… Continue reading Paid Subscriptions to Twitter, Facebook?

Should Mark Zuckerberg Apologize?

I’ve been meaning to pen a follow-up to my post from a week ago on Facebook’s advertising strategy, but the company’s now infamous IPO quickly suffocated any opening for a fresh take from a PR (and personal) POV. Yes, readers, I too believed Mark, Sheryl and the bubblicious hyperbole that streamed from the tech, media…… Continue reading Should Mark Zuckerberg Apologize?